How to Brew 4η έκδοση
  • How to Brew 4η έκδοση

H 4η ανανεωμένη εκδοση του "How to Brew" αποτελεί έναν από τους πληρέστερους οδηγούς για τον αρχάριο αλλά και τον πιο έμπειρο homebrewer.

"Substantially revised and expanded third edition. Everything that's needed to brew beer right the first time. Presented in a light-hearted style, this authoritative text introduces brewing in a easy step-by-step review that covers the essentials of making good beer. Include ingredients, methods, recipes and equipment information. Beyond the first batch, it provides an accessible reference to intermediate techniques like all-grain brewing variations and recipe formulation. A must for any novice or intermediate brewer; perfect for anyone who has discovered the joy of home-brewing."

Συγγραφέας John J. Palmer
Χρονολογία 2017
Σελίδες 608
ISBN 978-1938469350

How to Brew 4η έκδοση

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